Please write as "credential" in our order form (at the link below) the credential ID (15 A, 15 A or 15 Z) a n d the FAI code, URL or free text.

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Description of Value
Regular Expression
Affiliation to FAI Member Organisation
You are a club, federation or national association affiliated to an FAI member organisation. Please enter the name of the FAI member organisation to which you are affiliated.
FAI Calendar Championship ID Number
You are an organiser of an air sports competition listed in the FAI Championship Calendar, Please ented the ID Number of this championship
Other (15Z)
URL or free text
If you cannot provide any of the credentials described you can still submit an application and it will be reviewed by the .aero Office in SITA manually. You need to send a fax on a company letterhead to +41 22 747 6333 with a brief explanation of why your entity belongs to the Registrant Group selected. You may enclose additional documents which you believe would be useful to verify your application. Your will receive a response within a week. If you already operate a web site which describes in detail your activity, please also indicate the URL of your web site here.