ICANN Registrar:Order your .do-domain
before someone else does it!

The do-domain belong to the popular domain in the Carribean Area. The do-domain is registered in many cases, when com-domain and net-domain are not available. You cannot register do-domain, but offical subdomain like com.do-domain, org.do-domain, web.do-domain or art.do-domain.

We can register a do-domain at once, if the domain name is available.

The price of a do-domain is 250 US-Dollars/year.

The es-domain is the domain of Spain.

If you want to register a name at .es, you need not anymore a registered settlement in Spain or an international, european or spanish trade mark. Anybody can now register es-domain.

The most latinamerican domain has in common, that you need a local contact. We provide the local contact, who confirms in a letter to you, that all rights at the domain belong to you. The provision of the local contacts makes the price of a domain more expensive.