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Is Your Website Working Properly?

Last year I had arranged 6 different advertising campaigns to commence on a  Friday, Total cost: $1,200. I came home from a golf trip that Sunday evening expecting my email box to be overflowing with payment notifications.  Instead, not a single one!  Wait a minute!  I had tested all my ads...they were steady pullers!  What happened???

Come to find out, our server had crashed that Thursday night.  If only I had been alerted to the problem, I could have immediately notified the web host, as well as delayed the marketing campaigns!  Don't let this happen to you!

Use Domain Alarm And Know Instantly When Your Website Is Down!

Domain Alarm sits in your system tray and immediately lets you know if your site(s) are not working properly.  Domain Alarm comes with the following features:

  • Can run at startup

  • Can check domain at various intervals

  • Set for multiple domain

  • Popup in your system tray to alert you

  • Sends an email alerting you

  • Will launch your site to show it is down

  • Right click icon in system tray and check site(s) anytime

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