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ICANN-REGISTRAR: Free Pre-registratration of aero-domain for flight attendants

We are pre-registering .aero-domain for free. We give no guarantee that you will get the pre-registered domain, which you desire, but your chances will be better. All liability and guarentees by our side are excluded. You have to pay only the registration fee, if the registration is succesful.

The aero-domain is a restricted domain. It is only available for members of the aviation community. You have to prove that you belong to the aviation community by the Community Membership ID and the Password. If you have not got yet any Membership ID and Password by SITA, it is sufficient, that you send us your "credentials" with your domain applications. If you have a website with aviation content, it is sufficient you send us the name of the URL/domain.

The aero-domain has specific name rules. You can register directly at .aero, but you can register also as a flight attendant/steward/stewardess at and identify yourself as a professional member of the aviation professionals community.

The price of each aero-domain and official subdomain is 100 US-Dollar per year. The registration period is two years.

Christian Name







Postal Code



You can omit this paragraph, if you want only to "park" your domain.

You have four choices for the connection of your domain:

10 mb webspace with unlimited traffic on our server for 60 US-Dollar per year

Choose free webspace without banner and pop-up window for me :

Redirect the domain to my subdomain/domain :

I stay at my provider.

Primary Name Server: IP-Number:

Primary Name Server: Name:

Secondary Name Server: IP-Number:

Secondary Name Server: Name:

Your credential (if space is not sufficient, please use the comment field below)


Aviation Community Membership ID:




Please register our company name, abbreviations of it and/our trademarks as aero-domain:


You can register any notion under the appropirate subdomain registrieren:

You can order also these domain :

from Austria


domain for Italy like!


country domain

country domain

Space for additional orders and comments:


You can withdraw the costs of the ordered domain from my credit card.

Credit card type:

Name on credit card:

Credit card number

Credit card number

Expiration date:

Credit card issuing bank:

By clicking the button you agree to trade conditions, Registrants rights and responsibilites of Secura GmbH, the Charter Eligibility Dispute Resolution Policy and Domain Management Policy of SITA and the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy of ICANN as basis of the relationship between Secura GmbH and you.

  • .us-domain
  • .info-domain
  • .name-domain
  • .eu-domain
  • .pro-domain
  • .coop-domain
  • .museum-domain
  • .biz-domain

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