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The it-domains are the domains of Italy. Only European Companies and individuals are entiteled to register it-domains. We provide automatically a trustee, if you are located outsite the European Union or European Economic Space.

As these domains have the suffix ".it", you can form sentences, which make sense and are an amazing tool of advertising at the web. For example:

The abbreviation "it" represents also information technology, internet technology or "intelligent technologies". If you belong to the IT-industry you should think of registering it-domains.

The Italian Registry has changed its policies in 2012."The it-domains go beyond the European Union boundaries and 'wear' the accent."

It-domains can be registered even with special characters like accented letters or non-Latin characters (IDN). It will be possible to register it-domains with non-ASCII characters such as à, â, ä, è, é, ê, ë, ì, î, ï, ò, ô, ö, ß, ù, û, ü, æ, �, ç and ÿ.

Only companies and citizens from the EU could register it-domains. This has changed too. Additional to the 27 countries of the European Union, citizens and companies of the countries of the European Economic Space - including Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Vatican,San Marino and Switzerland- are able to register it-domains.

Your institution has a relationship with education, teaching or learning. Take advantage of the unique opportunity to register your name and conditions since 19 September at Anybody can register domains at

The registration fee of an it-domain is 59 EUR per year.

Secura is as ICANN accredited Registrar qualified to register all generic Top Level Domains and as SECURA-REG we are official registrar of the Italian Registration Authority.

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