ICANN Registrar:Official Registration of .la-domain

Los Angeles has a new honor to celebrate - becoming the world's first city to have its own unique internet address .la.

Offering the same functionality as a .com address and sanctioned by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the internet's de facto governing body, .la addresses will be available to all Los Angeles residents and businesses.

Well known brand names such as www.yahoo.la and www.rolex.la and in this City of Stars many personal names like www.madonna.la and www.arnie.la are already registered.

The Guernsey-based LA Names Corporation (LA Names) has recently assumed responsibility as the operator of .la in a long-term deal with LANIC, a department of the Government of the Lao PDR, who were originally assigned the name by ICANN.

Gavin Aldred, President of LA Names, said "There is still a massive demand for good web-addresses, and Los Angeles is probably the most internet-savvy city on earth. For businesses operating in LA a .la address is much more relevant than a .com address because it tells a potential customer not just who you are but where you are, enabling them to find you, visit you, and buy from you. For individual citizens it's more a matter of pride to be part of this extraordinary community."

In order to provide fast, reliable and secure infrastructure and technology, LA Names is working with Dublin-based global domain name registry services provider Afilias Limited, who also provide back-end registry support for .org, .INFO and a number of other ccTLDs.

The price of a standard la-domain is 100 US-Dollars/year. There are premium domain, which have higher prices. If you should have selected a premium domain, we will ask you to consent to the exact price before we process your order


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