the aero-domain takes off. SITA, the Sponsor of this domain, has changed the rules. Every name, if available, can now be registered at .aero.



Before September 2 there was a rule in virtue, that a free choice among the names was only permitted at the official subdomain like Customers, who wanted to register at .aero, had to choose a domain name, which reflected their company’s name or trade mark.


With the abolishing of the restrictive rule are conditions .aero will become within the next 5 years the preferred Top Level Domain for consumers, which are looking for informations about flight connections, journeys and other aviation subjects. This is the goal of SITA, IATA and other powerful organizations. “Now” , an expert says”,

“.aero can be used for marketing purposes, in order to offer products, services or to explain branches.”



You can order your .aero-domain by fax at +49 221 9252272, by e-mail  to

or at


Be aware, that the trade conditions and policies of ICANN and SITA,published at, are also valid, if you are ordering offline.


The price is 200 US-Dollars per domain (two years).


With kind regards



Hans-Peter Oswald