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ICANN-REGISTRAR: Registration of pro-domains

We are an official registrar of .domains, authorized by ICANN. You can pre-register pro-domains at us- without any guarantee or liability.

The pro-domains are an exclusive domain. All licensed and credentialed professionals and professional entities are eligible to pre-register pro-domains. If you have doubts you may be eligible to register at pro-domains under the new agreement, carefully read and review the new Terms of Use Agreement (TOU) agreement included in Appendix F of the Registry Operator Agreement. The full text is available at the bottom of this page by clicking the link.

You can register at the official subdomains of .pro, but also directly at .pro. RegistryPro will continue to offer third level profession specific second level domains (PSSLDs) like, but the requirement of using a third level to get one has been lifted.

  • What is .pro?
    Professionals spend years in school to further their education, years in training and preparation to pass strict exams and finally achieve a license to practice in their field of specialty. Along with maintaining their image and credibility, a professional must earn the trust of his/her client. This is easy to establish in person, but difficult to convey over the Internet. In the physical world - professionals and their clients can have private and confidential discussions, face to face or telephonically. To ensure trust online and conduct business with propriety, communications and transactions must remain private and secure. RegistryPro offers a way to solve this challenge with the new Top Level Domain (TLD) extension .

    The .Pro TLD will offer professionals a distinctive presence on the Internet. Unlike other more common domain names, such as .com and .net, RegistryPro's third level pro-domains will be uniquely valuable since they will be available only to professionals who self certify that they meet the eligibility requirements. The ProCert Certificate is based on the self certification of the customer and an individual check of each applicant by the Registrar, who uses databases and records for this check. Additionally, RegistryPro will offer profession specific domain strings, such as,, bar,pro,, and allowing the online community to immediately identify the professional field they seek.

    Professional integrity is important to you and so is providing confidential communication to your clients and or patients. The .Pro bundle, which includes the .ProCert professional level digital certificate, offers you a solution for identifying yourself as a concerned professional who takes electronic security seriously. .Pro provides the efficiency of the digital economy with the security to support it.

    .Pro is unlike any other domain name extension to date. It is exclusively available to professionals who certify that they meet the requirements of their profession and provide eligibility information with their registration. To facilitate private and confidential communications, .Pro will be the first registry to bundle a digital certificate with every third level pro-domain, which will provide the ability to send encrypted and non-repudiated email. Other security services such as time-stamping and electronic notarization are also possible. A validation process cross-verifies the registrant's self-certified personal identity and professional information against appropriate licensing databases (i.e. state, or jurisdiction specific). Other services will be available and provided through the Registrar such as website design, web hosting, email and more.

    You do not buy just a domain, if you register a third level pro-domain, you get a certified domain which constitutes your digital identity at the net.

    The attractive pro-domain at second level like will cost 100 US-Dollar/year .

    The pro-domain at third level will cost 225 US-Dollars per domain/year. The certificate is included in this price. You will have to pay per year and domain a verification fee of 100 US-Dollars. You self certify with the registration that you are a doctor, lawyer or accountant or that your organization/company employees at least one medical doctor, lawyer, engineer or accountant. We will check your self certification by public data bases and records. Persons or institutions with wrong self certifications have according to the ICANN rules no right to a refund of the Verification Service Fee, as this fee pays is also used for the verification costs in the cases with negative results.

  • Improve your ranking at Google by .pro
    Seach engines like Google rank your listing higher if a keyword from a search is in your domain name. You can get these names with .pro, when they are not available in .com. Listen to what the Internet "gurus" have to say about what names to buy: "As we've frequently reported in our SE Book & Newsletter, placing keywords right in your domain name can give your site a major boost on search engines. We've also reported that some engines are no longer accepting sub-directory pages. This is one of the reasons the smart marketing pros have been buying keyword-phrase domain names. They use them as doorway pages to boost traffic to their sites." says Stephen Mahaney, author of The Unfair Advantage Book on Winning the Search Engine Wars. Michael Campbell points out, in Nothing But 'Net, "The reason we want keywords in the domain name is that search engines often get 'tuned' to find, and give better positioning to, domains with keywords in them." Declan Dunn, author of Winning the Affiliate Game, sent out a memo to his affiliates advising "To get on top of the search engines, one of the critical keys is a good domain name LOADED with keywords." Declan goes on to say "This news is spreading among WebMasters, SearchEngine Meisters, Internet marketers, and big corporations. Don't wait."

    Your customers can now submit at us applications for pro-domains with one, two and three letters. The application fee is 250 EURO. The registration price is added to this sum in case that the application is successful. We will check every application before submitting.

  • Pro-domains with one, two and three letters
    Interested customers should consider these issues in the letter:
  • 1. How will applicant utilize the domain name/website?
  • 2. How will applicant promote awareness of the domain name/website?
  • 3. What financial resources will be dedicated to promotion of domain name/website?
  • 4. What is the proposed timeline for implementation?
  • 5. How will consumers and businesses benefit from the allocation of the domain name to the applicant?
  • Special consideration will be given to a novel approach with a potential to significantly raise the awareness and interest of .PRO domains. The customer should express these commitments in the letter:
  • 1. Commit to using the one- two- or three-character.PRO domain as their primary web address, or for a specific long-term marketing campaign;
  • 2. Demonstrate a financial commitment to promoting their web address resulting in increased awareness of the .PRO TLD;
  • 3. Meet or exceed commitments made by competing applicants.
  • 4. Meet minimum standards of decency and morality and be deemed by RegistryPro to be a positive representative of the .PRO TLD.
  • 5. Deliver on commitment to use and promote the domain within 180 days of selection.
  • The length of the RFP responses should not exceed 15 pages and should include a statement that he or she has read the RFP guidelines and agrees to be bound by the terms, conditions, and policies contained therein.
  • 6. Meet the eligibility and other conditions of .pro.
  • >

    First Name







    Postal Code



    Your Profession

    Date of Licensure: YYYY/MM/DD

    Your Jurisdictional Country

    Your Licence Number

    Your Licensing Authority

    A link to your Licensing Authority's website

    You can omit this paragraph, if you want only to "park" your domain.

    You have four choices for the connection of your domain:

    10 mb webspace with unlimited traffic on our server and max. 5 e-mail accounts for 60 US-Dollar per year

    Choose free webspace without banner and pop-up window for me :

    Redirect the domain to my subdomain/domain :

    I stay at my provider.

    Primary Name Server: IP-Number:

    Primary Name Server: Name:

    Secondary Name Server: IP-Number:

    Secondary Name Server: Name:

    Register for me this domain at the price of 100 US-Dollar/year :


    Register for me this domain at the price of 324 US-Dollar/year :

    Register for me this domain at the price of 324 US-Dollar/year :

    Register for me this domain at the price of 324 US-Dollar/year :

    Register for me this domain at the price of 324 US-Dollar/year :

    Register for me this domain at the price of 324 US-Dollar/year :

    Register for me this domain at the price of 324 US-Dollar/year :

    Register for me this domain at the price of 324 US-Dollar/year :

    Register for me this domain at the price of 324 US-Dollar/year :

    Register for me this domain at the price of 324 US-Dollar/year :

    Register for me this domain at the price of 324 US-Dollar/year :

    Register for me this domain at the price of 324 US-Dollar/year :

    You can order also these domains :

    from Austria


    domains for Italy like!


    country domains

    country domains

    Space for additional orders:


    You can withdraw the costs of the ordered domains from my credit card.

    Credit card organisation:

    Credit card number

    Expiration date:

    Credit card issuing bank:

    By clicking the button you agree to trade conditions, Registrants rights and responsibilites and the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy of ICANN as basis of the relationship between Secura GmbH and you. In the case that you are ordering pro-domains, you are self certifying that you are licensed professional and your are registering the domain name according to the pro eligibility criterias, which you have carefully read.

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