Why is SITA, the Sponsor of .aero,pre-registering and activating domain names?
.aero, as a sponsored domain,is different from other domain in that registration and use of domain names must comply with the set policies of the domain. For example two character domain names can be only used by airlines-code holders, and names corresponding to flight numbers can be only used to provide information about the flight and so on �.
This is very good news for end-users, people as well as systems, because they can always "guess" what domain name to use based on their knowledge of the industry codes, and access desired information quickly. Say, as a passenger, you use the LA airport frequently, you know the code is LAX, so you just type www.lax.aero and you are on the web site of the airport. That's fast!
The problem is what to do before each and every member of the community activates their name, if there are gaps, they break the principle of predictability - the biggest asset of .aero.
Pre-registration and activation of domain names was introduced to make sure that complete sets of codes are active at the same time and that no gaps are present in the structure to break the predictability. Once all recognized codes are present, a traveler or an industry professional can always receive a valid answer when using a recognized industry code in .aero.
Also, pre-registration and activation also serves as a very useful tool for demonstration and testing of new concepts like minimum presentation standards for mobile and wireless devices. For more on development, proceed here www.information.aero/development.php.
What names are pre-registered?
Currently, SITA pre-registered all two character airline codes, all location codes allocated to municipal areas and airports and all three letter airline codes if IATA airlines. This list will increase with time.
All pre-registered names are "activated" and work as web sites. Simply type www.name.aero to seeif a name was pre-registered.
Will pre-registered names remain with the Sponsor or can someone else use them?
Pre-registered names will be re-assigned to eligible registrants, typically airports and airlines using those codes, at their request, at any time. For details of eligibility and allocation policy refer to .aero Domain Management Policy here www.information.aero/policy/aerodmp.htm.
I am the code holder, how can I get the name?
If you are eligible for the name, you can request re-assignment of the relevant domain at https://www.domainregistry.de/aero.html (english) or https://www.domainregistry.de/aero-domain.html (German)
You will need to provide registrar with a .aero ID, which is associated with your code. Most airlines and airport have already received a letter containing the .aero ID and listing of their codes.
If you do not have your .aero ID, you can submit a request for ID via your registrar listing the code as credentials value or simply request SITA directly at aero.enquiries@sita.aero to resend you ID.
I am not a code holder but I would like to use this name, can I get it?
No. All pre-registered names are only available for the holders of relevant codes.
I know about existing domain corresponding to codes, which are not registered to airlines or airports.Will those be cancelled?
No. Policies develop over time and new restrictions are introduced gradually. For example, it was possible in the past to register names corresponding to airport codes by other aviation entities. Today, under the new policy, this is no longer possible.
SITA will not cancel domain namesbecause the rules have changed. However, if such name is deleted and attempted to be registered again or if a request is made to transfer the domain to a new owner, the registration rules, valid at the time of the new registration or transfer, will apply.