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ICANN-REGISTRAR: Travel-domains with one and two letters

If you are a member of the travel industry, you should be interested in the registration of this domain, as consumers and experts will also look for your offer at .travel, as this domain exists and is known.

The travel-domain will be the online community for the travel and tourism industry. The travel registry Tralliance plans to expand and strengthen that community through on-going outreach program by recruiting members for The Travel Partnership Corporation and through broad-based programs to involve the community in policy development.

As .travel is an exclusive domain, you must prove, that you belong to the international travel industry. All potential holders of a .travel name must be approved to hold that name by having their eligibility reviewed. That review of eligibility is called �authentication�. After the authentification, you get a so-called "UIN" by Tralliance.

If you are authenticated and have got already your UIN, you list your UIN in the order form below. If you are not authenticated, we will do all paperwork for you.

The registry of travel-domains releases all one and two-character names, apart from country codes.It is a program of release by allocation following review of proposals for use and promotion of the name(s).

o There are no priorities or queues.

o Travel-domains with one or two characters will be registered at normal price with no discounts and no premiums.

o The registry is accepting proposals for promotion and use of a travel-domain or travel-domains and is allocating in its discretion to the best proposals.

o Only eligible parties may register travel-domains, but applicants do not need to be current registrants at the time of the proposal. Applicants may apply for more than one travel-domain.

o The registry expects that many proposals will include plans for use of these premium travel-domains along with a block of non-premium travel-domains, in order to maximize the promotional reach of the premium travel-domains and extend the base of .travel registrations.

Please send your application to We will submit it to the registry.

A travel-domain will cost 240 US-Dollars per domain and a period of two years.

If you belong not only to the travel and tourism industry, but also to the aviation community, we suggest to you, that you register additionally to the travel-domain an aero-domain .

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