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ICANN-REGISTRAR: Free pre-registration of travel-domains

If your business is in the travel industry and you are currently using .com websites to reach your customers, you will want to consider buying .travel domains to increase traffic and improve your chances of success.

While many consumers are accustomed to putting a �.com� when they type in a keyword to find websites, they will find that the travel-domain is distinctive enough to remember using it when making their travel preparations.

Of course, your company can also benefit from buying travel-domains to compete with site names that only rely on .com or .org, as long as you do so before these websites figure out the value of getting a travel-domain for themselves.

Many types of businesses can thrive with travel-domains. A variety of businesses stand to reap huge benefits from travel-domains. For example, you might be starting up a travel agency and want to get ahead of your competitors. If your business packages and sells tours over the Internet, a .travel domain will be a natural fit that you can easily exploit not only with rich and compelling content, but also with cross-promotions through Facebook, Twitter, Google + and other social networking sites. A person planning to start a blog that has anything to do with travel will want to grab a good .travel domain as soon as possible. Once you get your blog up and running, you can rise in the ranks if you take care to deliver the content that travelers need.

The possibilities are limitless. You might focus your blog on wines in a certain region or even a country or specific city to attract readers who enjoy going on winery tours in different parts of the world. An enterprising website developer could target a whole host of travel-related terms to use with .travel domains.

People planning their honeymoons and who want to travel to a particular place could search for �honeymoon� �travel� and a keyword that focuses on location or price, for example, and you would have your domain ready with a tantalizing website designed to win their business.

You could take a look at the next Olympic games and set up some travel-domains well ahead of the rush so you can capitalize on all the visitors who will want to be making travel arrangements to see this international event.

When it comes to acquiring travel-domains, speed is of utmost importance. You need to act as soon as possible to snap up the domains that your research shows to be the most lucrative in your particular niche, before a competitor beats you to them.

Getting an travel-domain is connected with "paperwork" - but do not worry we will do all "paperwork" for you. We just need the data below, in order to complete the registration.

If you belong not only to the travel and tourism industry, but also to the aviation community, we suggest to you, that you register additionally to the travel-domain an aero-domain .

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You can omit this paragraph, if you want only to "park" your domain.

You have four choices for the connection of your domain:

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By clicking the button you buy a travel-domain for 240 US-Dollars/2 years and you agree to our trade conditions , the policies of the travel-domain and the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy of ICANN as basis of the relationship between Secura GmbH and you.